Website Designs

Website Builder  specialises in building websites that work in all platforms (P.C’s, phones, Tablet’s & TV’s), that are capable of being search engine optimised SEO, SEM, and are easily maintained. Have the Website Builder Cork build your website, your website can be a focal point for your on-line marketing campaigns, it will support marketing videos, PDF’s documentation and will link to your other on-line marketing platforms.

Your online presence

 is key to your business success, the Website Builder ensure your website works on all media devices: Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Internet users globally go online via mobile phones, and 29% do so on tablets. Smartphone Web users increased 19% last year to 994 million, while those using tablets grew even faster—up 45% to 450 million. Those are among the main findings from a new Global Web Index study based on a fourth-quarter survey of 170,000 Internet users aged 16 to 65 in 32 markets

Business Start-up

You know that your business needs a online presence, you need a Website, a Facebook and Twitter page, you should have a linkedinand Google+ profile and a YouTube and Flickr Pages. Taking your business online can be intimidating when you don’t have any experience with online marketing, web design or development. Fortunately the process for getting your business online isn’t as complicated as it may first seem, all you need to do is contact us and we will guide you through the process. Call Liam at 086-3162312

Website Designs for Business Start-up’s 

Fully responsive fluid-layout websites designs  to suit all your needs, if you are a small business or in start-up we have a package for you. go to our Website Styles Page to see full range of services we can offer you. Two to four page fluid-layout responsive website with full SEO and keyword package from €550, ideal for your first website.

Online marketing, also known as internet or web marketing is the process of marketing and advertising products or services over the internet to generate a response from your target audience. We deliver combined online marketing strategies through internet and social media using Websites, Emails, Google, Facebook pages, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, ect. We are experts in  Pay Per Click (PPC), Facebook campaignsYoutube business marketingData base buildingSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO), email marketing and banner campaigns.

Online marketing is much more effective than traditional off-line marketing such as newspaper ads and billboards because exposure and response are much easier to track. By analysing your data with web analytics, you can see how your campaigns are affecting visits to your website, overall sales, return on investment (ROI) and other important factors like keywords. Another advantage to marketing your products or services online is the ability to use permission marketing. This basically targets your campaign to people who actually want to see it instead of showing it to everyone and anyone, which in turn wastes money on pointless clicks and impressions.

Tailored Strategies

Whatever your business requires, we can provide specific strategies tailored to your organisational needs to effectively respond to your target market, generate targeted online traffic, position your content, and create overall brand awareness to enhance your company’s online presence and influence your sales.

Services we offer: 

  • Website Design and Builds 
  • Marketing video’s for your business and your websites
  • Search engine optimisation for your website. S.E.O.
  • Blog pages setup, updated and maintained
  • Website setup, designed, refreshed and maintained
  • Youtube pages & profiles setup and maintained
  • Video’s created for your youtube marketing
  • Facebook pages for your business, setup and maintained
  • Facebook marketing campaigns organised and executed
  • Twitter site setup, promotions & events tweeted & updated
  • E-marketing services for your business offering to monthly e-mails your customers with technical bulletins and news letters.

Contact the Website Builder by HiPerformance at 086-3162312 or email